From Zero to Hero: Building a Winning Social Media Strategy

From Zero to Hero: Building a Winning Social Media Strategy

Introduction to Social Media Management

As social media keeps changing, companies stick to what each platform is really about connecting, talking, and forming communities. 57% of consumers follow brands on social media to learn about new products, according to Sprout Social. That’s why brands must share content that helps them connect, chat, and build communities instead of just pushing ads.

That’s where social media management comes in. It’s like the organizer of a party, but online. It involves planning, creating, and sharing content on social media platforms. It also includes checking out your social profiles regularly and understanding your audience so you can share stuff they care about.

At 70xincome, we handle our clients’ social media completely. We use free and paid methods to get the best results that help businesses grow.


Combined Processes for Maximum Impact

Social media marketing goes beyond simply sharing links. To properly use social media to stand out and improve your marketing plan, you need to know the fundamentals of social media management and how it all works together. Social media marketing is all about engaging with your customers and posting material that speaks to them. 

Social media marketing is also about building relationships and engaging with your audience. You need to create content that resonates with them and is relevant to their interests. Finally, it is important to measure the success of your campaigns and adjust your strategies accordingly.

The following should be part of your social media management strategy:

Approach Creation

Creating approaches like a map for your social media journey. It includes your goals, steps to reach them, a timeline, and ways to track progress. This plan helps you see what managing social media for your business involves. Important things to think about are which platforms to focus on, who your audience is, what content to make, which numbers to watch, and what tools to use.

Incoming Engagement Monitoring:

The process of answering queries, comments, and other correspondence with all social media profiles and material while carrying on fan-initiated conversations

Research indicates that two-thirds of consumers, on average, want to feel connected to brands. Therefore, it makes sense to make an effort to enable two-way communication whenever possible. This is true for every social media site you use, regardless of whether you use TikTok management solutions or Instagram management services for your mostly video content.

Analytics The monitoring:

The process of collecting data and comparing it against metrics to make sure results are achieved. Let data guide the social media management strategies for your franchise, corporate, or multi-location business. On the sites you’ve selected, you may keep an eye on significant data like impressions, click-through rates (for targeted social advertisements), and engagement metrics (likes, shares, and comments).

Why Social Media Management Is Important for Businesses:

Owners of businesses and marketers are aware of the importance of social media in any digital strategy. As a result, social media is frequently addressed during a company’s or brand’s launch.
However, as soon as you start using social media marketing, it becomes clear that there are several factors to consider and put into practice if you want to be successful on social media.

Consider how running social media solely for small businesses requires creating a detailed strategy, planning and releasing high-quality material on time, responding to customer comments, engaging with users, and setting up sponsored advertising programs. It cries out for its own operating capital, equipment, and even a group of analysts and experts!
Social media management is about striking a balance between all these moving pieces.

Giving up the resources necessary to perform in-house full-scope Facebook or LinkedIn management services is a difficult request for many companies. The extra expenses of administration services for YouTube or Pinterest, for example, are probably not even taken into account. Each of these platforms’ social media management takes bandwidth, which many businesses just don’t have.

Appreciating the Benefits – Minus the Burden

While business owners and marketers must understand the true effort and cost involved in social media marketing, they should also be aware of the incredible benefits a well-rounded strategy can bring. Take into consideration how a social media management service is well-positioned to serve you if you want these advantages at a fraction of the expense.

Boost ROI, senior social media manager (paid): When social media management is done internally, it seldom receives the focus and strategic direction it needs to succeed.

Why throw away this opportunity to build brand recognition, lead generation, and revenue by going it alone and failing miserably?

The Clever Choice Is To Invest in a Skilled Outsourced Team

Hiring a knowledgeable social media team that has successfully implemented the social media campaigns and techniques your company requires will benefit you.

To complete tasks, a lot of experts would rather rely on tools and software. Misbah Majeed, a senior social media manager (organic) at 70xincome, noted that although the finest tools for social media management undoubtedly speed up your workflow, they don’t take the place of hiring a professional. With the help of 70xincome, you can hire a seasoned social media and content marketer who will work with you to develop material that speaks to your target audience directly and increases reach and engagement.

As the top provider of social media management services, we are here to provide comprehensive social marketing services to all kinds of businesses.

How the Greatest Social Media Marketers Meet the Objectives of Their Customers:

  1. Your material is customized to your target audience’s requirements and tastes.
  2. You never pass up the chance to answer queries or carry on discussions that followers or consumers start.
  3. Your budget for social media management is wisely allocated and carefully handled.
  4. Depending on business requirements, you can separate your social media management service bundle into sponsored and organic social media.
  5. While maintaining the unity of multi-channel activities, subtleties can be utilized.

Your Search for the Top Social Media Management Firm Ends Here

In-depth Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube management are all provided by 70xincome. 70xincome offers a comprehensive range of social media marketing and management services that business owners and marketers, regardless of their industry, can rely on.

For more focused reach and interaction, we include our social media follower-building strategies in your email marketing campaigns. To improve site traffic and conversion rates, we also coordinate your social media strategy with your SEO techniques. Your other marketing methods complement your social media approach, and vice versa.

Five-Star Social Media Management Techniques You Can Trust

Clients from a range of sectors have demonstrated the effectiveness of 70xincome platform marketing techniques for over 15 years. Being a leader in social media management firms is a result of our results-driven approach.

Our account managers, strategists, and specialists implement our enterprise and small business social media management strategies with passion. The outcomes are therefore even
better than anticipated.

Impressions on Twitter: + 85,500 on average each month

A provider of financial solutions hired 70xincome to manage sponsored and organic campaigns to tell their brand story, better engage target audiences with their solutions, and create an online community for their clients. Our social media management company produced the following outcomes in ten months:

  • Facebook Organic Engagement: three thousand new interactions every month Monthly growth in Instagram followers:+40% (MoM)
  • Click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook and Instagram: +13.5% higher than the national average

Engagement on Instagram: +190%

A social media management company was contacted by a retailer and producer of outdoor shades to grow their social media following and interaction. The following milestones have been reached by the client since the beginning of the partnership:

Impressions on Facebook: +88%
April 2022: The highest monthly sales figure in the company’s seven-year history

May 4, 2022: The highest day in business history for unit sales

Remarks: +195,518 every month (MoM)

A restoration firm trusted us with its Facebook advertising since we were better at social media management than our competitors. Within a month, the dashboard of its social media manager website displayed the following results:

  • Clicks overall: +85% MoM
  • Click-through rate: -45.5% MoM
  • Rate of click-through: +26.6% MoM

Which Is Better, Paid or Organic Social Media?

Organic Social:
Using the free resources offered by social media platforms to increase brand recognition, sharing material that captivates your current audience or followers, and replying to client feedback is known as “organic social.”

Additionally, bear in mind that creating interesting and pertinent material could increase the
likelihood that people will find you through search engine inquiries.

Paid Social:
This is the process of using sponsored messages and paid ads on social media to target particular user profiles and expand your audience.

Furthermore, our social media managers, Tear (organic) and Czeszewski (paid), provided a list of some of the primary goals of managing social media marketing according to type.

So, should you concentrate on either one, or do you require a combination of the two? Without a budget, Tear stated that getting material in front of social media users might be difficult. Firms should remember that although the advantages of organic social media are time-worthy, a minor financial boost is always beneficial for getting your campaign off the ground. You should thus collaborate with a company or specialist that is capable of managing both sponsored and organic social media campaigns.

70xincome has both paid and organic social strategists, allowing us to pair customers with the most qualified specialists for their particular needs. We choose the best platform for your development, track your progress, and make adjustments as needed.

Different Social Media Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs

From organic Facebook and Instagram marketing to advertising on YouTube and Twitter, the best social media management companies can tailor any solution to your specific market. At Flourish, realizing your industry well is important for our exhaustive examination, and it assists us with distinguishing the right friendly stages for your business area, the all-encompassing technique, and the designated crusades that are ideal for yourself and line up with your business objectives. There might be all-inclusive virtual entertainment that the board defines, yet various businesses take on the parts that work for them. Our web-based entertainment board offering incorporates: Our web-based entertainment board offering incorporates: Social media management for small businesses, franchises, large businesses, and multi-location businesses Some of our white-label social media management packages are used by other digital marketing companies to boost their clients’ social web presence and engagement. business-owner We can assist digital marketers who are still developing their social management teams and service offerings by offering this one-of-a-kind social media management service for agencies.

Platforms that 70xincome Help Manage Social Media

Various platforms require varying actions. We accept this challenge as an award-winning social media management company. Because of our wide range of services, we can compete with YouTube management businesses and assist those looking for an Instagram management agency. However, connecting everything to produce the finest outcomes is our greatest strength.

Facebook Administration

Facebook has the reach to enable social media management for small company clients as well as major businesses, with over 1 billion daily active users. Its precise targeting, organic follower engagement, and low-cost marketing are its key selling points. Make the most of these advantages by subscribing to our Facebook management services. Among the services provided by our social media management company are paid advertising, content creation, social media content monitoring, and strategy advice.

Twitter Administration

Engage in discussions that interest your target market, support issues that your business supports, and build a community on Twitter. This conversational software helps you build your brand’s identity and reach a wider audience. Whether you need social media management for a huge corporation or a small business, our Twitter management specialists can help you create a coherent plan tailored to each channel.

Instagram Administration

Approximately one-third of the 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram have made a transaction using the visual storytelling app. To meet your sales targets, modify the social media marketing management on this platform. 70xincome is an Instagram management service that specializes in improving user-generated material and disappearing content, so you can leave the job to them. Everything is handled by us, including interstitial advertisements, Instagram stories, and gallery postings.

LinkedIn Administration

According to our experts, LinkedIn is the best platform for business-to-business (B2B) organizations looking to persuade executives and decision-makers to collaborate with them. At 70xincome, we use lead-generating enterprise social media management by utilizing its native social media management software solutions. Our suite of LinkedIn management Services is intended to increase the legitimacy of your brand, show off your thought leadership, provide you with an advantage over competitors, and win over the trust of the market.

YouTube Administration

Although YouTube’s economic success is well-established, its rise can be attributed to the way it returns relevant videos when users search for them. By incorporating technical search engine optimization (SEO) best practices into your channel, your business can participate in this cultural moment. We take the hassle out of managing your YouTube account by finding the best title tags and descriptions for the videos you submit.

Pinterest Administration

By sharing your eCommerce catalog on Pinterest, you can increase your add-to-cart and checkout rates. When it comes to posting, optimizing, and arranging your pins properly, no other social media management company is as dedicated to enhancing ROI. Our social media management business strategists also spend time each day responding to inbound engagement, including queries, comments, and feedback.

TikTok Administration

TikTok has made a swift transition from a rising star to a major worldwide platform, sweeping social media and elevating the bar for small business social media management. Take charge with TikTok for Business solutions, which are thoughtfully crafted to empower, engage, and target the upcoming generation. Leave the management of your social media material to our experts; they are knowledgeable about this enormous platform.

70xincome Services for Social Media Management:

Marketing on Social Media

Social media channels enable you to communicate with your target market and advertise your products quickly online. However, there is a proper technique, known as social media marketing, to increase the visibility of your brand and accomplish your business objectives. This approach, which combines market research, strategy-building, customer engagement, and campaign-based social media marketing management, is part of our social media management services.

Social Media Promotion

Pick paid social advertising, the social media tactic that keeps 63 percent of users clicking! Take advantage of this profitable trend and work with 70xincome professionals to create the best social media management strategy. We identify the platforms where your intended audience is present and craft appealing, personalized advertisements for them. Ad campaigns maximize click-through rates and spend money in a way that fits your budget.

Brand Management on Social Media

Without brand management, what is social media management? 70xincome organizes, manages, and keeps an eye on both sponsored and organic brand initiatives across a variety of channels, including Facebook and TikTok management. With the help of our social media management company’s unique solutions, you can expand your audience, build a strong brand identity, and increase revenue and sales.

Social Media Follower Growth

According to Forrester’s research, eighty percent of consumers desire social media interaction with brands. With our sustainable growth plan, you may boost future results and develop your social media following and market. You can rely on our management services for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you’re looking for an integrated strategy that includes email invites for social media and growth buttons for website followers.

SEO for Social Media

With appropriate social media optimization, you may direct users to your website or ensure that your links appear in social search results. Links are posted on your social media profiles, giving them more visibility and a longer lifespan, under the direction of your specialized social media manager website. You may take advantage of the fact that search engines can index your organic posts if they are pertinent to users’ queries by working with social media management companies.

Design and Development of Websites

Make sure customers can easily access and use your website when they come from your social media profiles. We verify that your website is functional, compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and optimized using best practices while managing your social media profiles.

Production of Videos

Throughout all of your accounts, provide videos to help users grasp your offering. Videos are a lucrative addition to your marketing toolkit, and unlike other YouTube management businesses, we have an in-house team that can handle full production. For the creation, filming, editing, and finalization of your advertisement, explainer, demo, event highlights, or testimonials, we have experts in the field.

Writing Content for Social Media

More than half of consumers, according to a study, use social media to look up products. Post valuable, interesting content that 70xincome’s social media content management and development experts have created to get their attention. While bought social media content directs visitors and possibly leads to your website, our organic social content piques followers’ curiosity and influences their decisions.

Management of Social Media Reputation

Develop a favorable brand identity by remaining cordial with all parties involved, answering reviews, and expanding your social media following. Online reputation management (ORM), which enables you to influence public opinion on social media platforms, is a feature of our solutions. Take comfort in knowing that we are compiling testimonials from your clients, which is an essential part of any company’s social media marketing plan.

Why Choose 70xincome for Your Social Media Management

Small business owners are increasingly opting to work with professionals because social media management is a difficult task. It takes time and careful attention to master. 70xincome meets your needs regardless of your sector, company size, or financial constraints.

We want our clients to benefit from our nearly two decades of experience in social media marketing by understanding the nuances of each procedure. You’ve finished looking for “social media management near me.” Give your social media accounts to our data-driven professionals to manage and guide them toward the outcomes you want.

Packages Based on Deliverables

Every month, 70xincome handles both small- and large-scale deliverables for clients, handling everything from strategy and analytics to content and interaction. Let’s take an example where you hire our Instagram management services. We will deliver a personalized list of products by the project’s end. To meet, if not exceed, your expectations, our social media management company doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the greatest social media management tools and strategies.

General Subject Matter Expertise

Depending on what you need to be done immediately, get matched with the top social media management strategists. Whether you want pay-per-click advertising from our LinkedIn management services or prefer organic posting from our Pinterest management services, our paid and organic teams have the specific skill sets to cover all the bases.

Loyal Account Managers

Think of 70xincome’s social media management company as a marketing team extension. From the beginning to the end, an account manager will work directly with you as a client for direct or white-label social media management. Consider your AM to be your internal resource for information about your progress, either in the form of an overview or specifics.

High-pitched Trendspotting

Are you sick of the same mediocre outcomes that previous social media management businesses have delivered? Within our agency, resistance to changes in social media management service packages is strictly prohibited. The most profitable trends and the top social media management tools that accompany them are things we are quick to identify, forecast, and keep up with.

“Quality Over Quantity”Focus

The process of managing material on social media is dynamic and constantly evolving, just like any other aspect of digital marketing. Teams in charge of social media account management remain adaptable to shifts and modify tactics and strategies as necessary. One of the most important changes we’ve made to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter management is to stop publishing as frequently and instead focus on creating quality material.

Reports for Half a Month

You receive monthly and mid-month reports to provide you with the most accurate view of the status of your campaign. If you have any issues concerning our franchise social media management or business social media management services, your AM is also here to help. Additionally, we provide you with real-time data access via 70xincome’s exclusive social media management platform, commonly referred to as the online client portal.

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